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Ultimate Fighter 2 competition package now available starting at $8400.00. :mrgreen:

Ultimate Fighter Crate Engine $7650.00
-Choice of 521/545 rotating assemblies
-Forged Crank, aircraft certified 4340, internal balance
-4340 H-beam rods or 4340 I-beams, your choice
-Diamond Forged pistons w/4130 pins (compression of your choice at no additional cost)
-Diamond file fit plasma moly rings
-Choice of ported SCJ or box stock P-51 Aluminum heads (+$500 for P-51's)
-Edelbrock Aluminum intake of your choice (Victor is standard)
-Roller Rockers
-Choice of Ford Motorsport or Fabricated aluminum valve covers
-Front or rear sump pan, your choice
-3/8" custom pushrods
-Lunati solid flat tappet camshaft
-Lunati micro polish lifters
-High flow Dynamics oil pump
-600+ HP at 5750 rpm, 650+ lb/ft at 3750 rpm
-Premium unleaded pump gas compatible

---Lunati solid roller cam & lifters
---Dominator flange Victor intake
---700 HP at 6250 rpm, 675+ lb/ft at 4250 rpm on pump gas
---850 HP at 6250 rpm, 825 lb/ft at 4500 rpm on race gas

Additional Options
-Four bolt mains, add $600.00
-Moroso pan with windage screen & baffles add $450.00
-Complete turnkey starting at $750.00
-Test fire and break-in, add $250.00
-Dyno testing, starting at $600.00 (includes test fire and break-in)
-Customer requests, please email for price.
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