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Went to Sydney Motorex on the weekend.

Does anybody else think this wouldn't be very streetable because of the wrong tread pattern on his tyres? :eek:

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:eek::eek::eek: Talk about compound boost!!! Its usually done with a turbo feeding a supercharger or is it the other way or anyway:eek::eek::eek::cool::cool:
Probably runs on "PUMP GAS"
Those Aussies are into mega boost. The only problem with "overdone" is that here in the States, we have lived through the 80`s. Remember Rick Doberton`s (sp) Pontiac J2000? That won every award possible back in tha day. The rear Goodyears were special made. At any rate, cool looking, but that bottom charger has got to be a blow thru. If not, the top charger would inevitably be a bomb. :D

Toss me the keys and I'll let you know when I get back.Seems to have a blind spot!LOL
Not enough boost. Needs at least two turbos under the hood. And you might as well throw in some nitrous while you're at it..

Nice car but should there be some forward hoops going out to the frame? Eye candy only?

I got a package of material for visiting Austraila. Would like to see one of your Power Skid - Slide and drag racing shows. When and where is a good time?


Hi Tom. I dont know much about drifting (I think that is what Power Skid would be) but i had a quick look around and found a forum that has a calendar for some events.

Dosen't look like there is much on. I dont think its all that popular coz rarely see it advertised or on tv.


And something a little closer to home for you


And a drag race calendar


Hope this helps a bit. ;)
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Hi Tom. I dont know much about drifting (I think that is what Power Skid would be) but i had a quick look around and found a forum that has a calendar for some events.

A POWER SKID is just that. From a standing start you fry the tires without using your brakes and the winner is the one that does the longest skid. Some cars can do 3-400metre skids at 150mph. Its a must see!!
most of the time this is just for show, and for a big hp gain is a wast. (unless the lower blower spins faster then the upper. BUT this IS a show car. a lot of times the lower blower will not have any rotors but from the little i have read about this car both blowers do work. I can't say that i like it.
I seen a car with the setup before, ended up making more power when he took the second blower off.

That's the link I was looking for. Hoping to catch a show over there before the end of the year. One thing we joke about at work is going to one of your junk yards. Would like to walk thru and see the differences in cars compared to the US.

I guess I am a gearhead. Fly to Aus and go to a junk yard. My wife is going to kill me.......


lol the only problem is there wont be any 460s in the junkyard... they were never offered in a production car in australia :(
p.s. in about 5-6 years i may be moving there... i wonder what it would cost to bring 3 460s with me?
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