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vid of my races

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSQdbMm4H7U the 4th set to run ...closest to the woodsl,.,..then i am in there again with the nitro class with cut tires.,....both which i didnt have!
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thanks....second time i ran i hit a big hole my 38's were gone!lol
Truck sounds real good!! Looks like you had'm licked till the big class, there were some real nasty quick trucks in that one!!

How'd it feel to get all that nice clean workmanship covered in sloppy mud?? HAHA

Looked good, ran strong the whole length!! You were right on that on that other blue truck in the upper classes at the end. Looked like a really, really deep drag!!

Yours was the sharpest truck there for sure ! 2nd place you gotta like the sharks teeth truck, that was funny.:D

Good rac'in!!!

thanks guys!.......alot of help from this site for sure!!!!!.....ya nice truck allllllll muddie :) oh well thats the sport gotta love it !!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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