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Vid of Sunday. The BOMB got crushed!

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Couldn't bring myself to add the Bomb's poor outing to this video. It couldn't hang with these light aluminum bastages!!:D

It may have not looked like it was too deep but it was very deep thick gray clay. Like racing pulling an open parachute. Lookon the start line. Usually up past the hubs just to start. Some trucks couldn't even make it to the line!

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I guess it's safe to say that my weekend was better than yours!
Sorry to hear that Jeff, I know exactly how you feel
yuck, I hate pits like that HAHA, oh well, I guess we all have a bad weekend every now and then!!
Thanks Richard and Myron,

I don't plan on making it a habit. Patching my headers, lowering my tire pressure, adjusting my 2nd to 3rd shifting band and putting some moth balls in my gas tank!!:D

Went and got a barrel of fuel today, and my BIGS CARB IS ON THE WAY!!

L:eek:k OUT!!


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I dont think i woulda wanted to tear my stuff up in that pit either Jeff!!!!

put that carb on there and go back to spankin chebbys
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