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Video of 466 A429 Heads Roller - Mustang

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I have two more videos but I'm having trouble with the zippy login so I haven't uploaded them yet.

Finally got the zippy site to work. 8)


Video in the drivers seat


Been some requests for engine specs: If you guys need more info please let me know.

t's a 466 with A429 aluminum CJ heads (Charlie and Scott worked on the heads) with 13:1 compression and a BIG roller cam via Lem Evans 272/280 @ .050 and .727/.727 lift
The bottom end consists of a stock crank turned down to 2.200" with BBC Eagle H-beam rods and BRC domed pistons pinned together with 4-bolt splayed Engine Systems main caps and screw in block plugs.
The Victor Dominator is matched to the heads with some port work in the flange area via Charlie Evans and the Dominator carb is a Jim Evans Racing piece, it runs kind of rich on idle but at WOT it's BAD A$$


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no revs???, im disappointed. J/K Nice job though.
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