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Wanted: 460 Block to C6 Spacer Plate

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I took the 4-speed out of my Fairlane, and I need a C6 to block spacer plate. The one I had with the Lakewood Scattershield won't work. The holes don't line up.
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Always willing to help a Fairlane guy. Pat I have one I will give you, just pay the shipping.
PM your address to me.

I have one too Pat same here just pay shipping. How the hell are Joe.

Pat I may down your way middle of july If your not in a hurry I can bring it with me Joe.
Dave and Joe, you guys are the best! Where are you gonna be in mid July Joe? I can wait until then. I have a lot of things to install, so I can stay busy with other stuff. I will PM you my cell phone, so give me a call when I can meet up to take it. If something happens with Joe, I will send you my address Dave. Thanks again to you both!
Dave and Joe, Harold (342g) is going to ship one to me. He lives the closest to NJ, so it should cost the least. Thanks again for your kind offers to help me.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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