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WANTED. divorced 205 setup

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i need one horrably im tried of destroying front driveshafts everytime i jump the damn thing. if possible drive shafts and linkages and the bracketry would be nice im located in MI but im willin to drive for what i need
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I have a 77 ford with the whole drive line under it yet, 205 case 60 rear 44 front , c-6, the truck even runs and drives, let me know if your interested. willing to sell whole or part it out
Thanks,Brian 507 360 0046
i have a divorced t case sitting around actualy 2 of them ...let me know i can get ya what ya need....906-367-0652
I've got the c-6 tailhousing you'll need, comes with the output shaft and the yoke.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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