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Water / Alcohol Injection ?

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Does anyone make a water alcohol injection system that uses a knock sensor to trigger it operation ?

Gary :)
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That is a great question!
Well thank you ! I am hoping that there is a great answer too. I just think that it would take some of the adjustments out of the system and really accomplish the goal of cutting down detonation.

Gary :)
I have not seen the two systems combined, but it may be out there. I do have experience with the SNOW Performance water/methanol setup and can say it's well worth the money and the tech support is excellent.

When looking at knock suppression I did find these guys: http://www.jandssafeguard.com/ and it could work in conjuction with a water/methanol kit.
My thinking is that the system is used to reduce detonation so if it had a knock sensor that would tell the system there was detonation then it could inject more water / alcohol until the detonation got down to an acceptable level. It seems that it would be a better way to control then trying to set a boost level where the water / alcohol starts injecting. It would also automatically adjust if you got a bad tank of fuel.

Gary :)
I know this is an expensive way to do it, but the AEM ems can use a knock sensor and it can be tied into thier meth system. So basically it would do exactly what you want.
I use water/meth injection on a supercharged 3.8l which turns on at a certain psi. But just thinking about it, if the mixture comes on in junction with a knock sensor, won't the damage already be done? If the sensor senses knock, and the mixtures comes on, the engine is already knocking, which isn't good. JMO
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