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We won again

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Well we won the ET Street class Sunday going 6 rounds and cutting 2 great lights along the way a .007 and a .008 in the final, the old tired 460 just keeps running what can I say it's a great racing motor.

So far this year in 5 points days I have been to the finals 3 times winning 2 of them a 3rd round loss and one 1st round loss.

My time runs were bad with only .132 and .125 lights after that my worst light of the day was a .047

We are leading the points by almost 100 points and hope to keep it that way :)

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Nice going! Good old NED. Looked like there weren't a lot of people there.
Nice going! Good old NED. Looked like there weren't a lot of people there.
it's not like it used to be were you there???
There was around 33 cars in street and I think in Mod just under the 7 round car count.

Top has been weak but Quick Rod had a good turn out.
And thanks
No, I wasn't there. I live in MA so I visit NED every once and a while. Haven't been going much these last few years due to no job. When are you going again? Maybe I will attend. Good luck with your car.
We just went up there last weekend and ran the NOPI race and the ET points race, The next race is next Sunday and then not until the 31st and then the 1st

Won the Nopi race and got to the semi's in the points race.. it was a real good weekend..


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well had a carb problem the next last weekend but all set now.
Below is the cars 2 good runs testing Firday before it rained. I spun a little on the 2nd one
If you look at the split times I think the BBF is working just right :)
The lights were off for some reason

l R
0.054 0.042 RT
1.675 1.689 60 Foot
4.936 4.95 330 Foot
7.717 7.73 1/8 Mile
87.93 87.99 1/8 speed
10.144 10.157 1000 Foot
12.206 12.219 1/4 time
109.14 109.2 1/4 speed
12.26 12.261 1/4 time and R/T

1.675 1.689 60
3.261 3.261 60 - 330
2.781 2.78 330 - 1/8
2.427 2.427 1/8- 1000
2.062 2.062 1000- 1/4
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