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Well as a lot of you know I have been laid off for a bit so it's tuff to race. So everyone was telling me to win so I can keep racing and I came dam close to doing that.

I did the time trials that car ran okay 12.20's and 1st round I was running a Camaro running 13's I take off and blow right by the camaro but the car felt off but lucky the other car spun hard I only ran a 12.70's way off.

So I look over the car I can't find a dam thing so I go up there read to dial a 12.70 but I got lucky I got a by run :) with a .008 light, I take off the same thing the car is real lazy and popping now I'm like WTF.

So I start looking and with the car off I grab the trottle and right away I found the problem... the little piece the opens the seconderys is gone missing no place.

So next round a race a 13 sec and dial a 12.68 but it didn't matter since I got great light .010 and just went and took the stripe.

Next round was going to be tricky I was running a guy with a 4 speed Mopar that hs a hiddin NOS system to play on the top end, well I didn't bite so he never had a chance since I drove it right to the line and with a .025 light he didn't have a chance.

The finals well lets just say I might of been sleepy with a .125 light and with a guy that races a newer corvette chasing me down at 12.5 at 120 MPH and a .051 light.

Then I was talking to the lane guy (Rich) telling him what I lost he tells me I saw that at the 330 foot mark and jumps on the scooter and picks it up for me. :)

Sunday the fixed car I go red 1st round with a .004 LOL sometimes I should just brake the car everyday

but this is what the fixed car did

thanks for reading my mess LOL

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Sounds like a good weekend Dan!!

Nice job making due with a two barrel!!

Car looks pretty consistent with a four barrels.

Good work, maybe you can get the big money next weekend!!

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