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Hey all - finally got my dragster to the strip with its replacement gearbox and boy what a difference it makes.

First run off the trailer, 8.97 @ 149.28 MPH. The wheels come up (picture below) and as I eased back the throttle she dropped the left wheel and started to twist toward the wall. Landed her and a quick correction and back on the throttle. I felt the car was nosing over at the top end so we decided to richen up the toilet one step.

Second run and I slipped through stage - think my thumb was not fully on the transbrake so we lost the run, but I put the hammer down and she no longer felt like she was nosing over :). Small mod to the transbrake button to make sure it didnt happen again and back out for 3rd round the following morning.

Nice burnout, felt her start to grip towards the end and backed off. Backed up into the rubber, staged. Revs up to the 5000 rpm stall. Release the button and bang - wheels up 18" to 2 ft. I kept my foot in and she didnt seem to lift them any more, shifted for 2nd and they started to come down bounced and straight back up. Still stuck with it and it was a nice straight run. Looked at the Tach through the lights and we were at about 6300 rpm. Pulls off the track and my crew inform me that I was a very naughty boy. I just broke out. 8.96 dial in and I run 8.68 @ 155 mph - a whopping new PB by nearly 3 tenths and over 5 mph.

Went out in round one of eliminations though, she came up and made a move to the left and i had to really back off the throttle and straighten her out before I could get back in it. The Track announcer said I did a real good driving job and said my team just found out what addrenaline smells like!

Putting together some wheelie bars before the next meeting. Any advice? Were looking at 6ft long wheelie bars, not sure if we should make them single or double wheel, or what sort of initial height.

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