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what brand distributor?

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I've got a Proform distributor part number 55011. It's got the factory type ford plug on it and has a red cap. Anyone got experience with this brand? Haven't put it in yet. Do most here use the MSD distributor?
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Have always had good service out if the MSD 8580.
depends on how much power youre looking to put out... the factory duraspark (recurved) is hard to beat for reliability and parts availability. if its not going to see much over 6000 rpm i wouldnt spend the extra money on aftermarket.
I've used all MSD ign pieces for a number of years and I've never had as much as a hickup from it..............Like Darrin said, it all depends what your're intended use will be. I use my motors pretty hard, drag racing and high performance marine use, and I love the MSD stuff..........
I've used the Pro Form the last 4 years without any problems but have since switched to the MSD 8590. Can't find new caps and rotors for the Pro Forms anywhere.
Anything but Mallory!!
I've run an MSD 8580 for many years without any problems.
I have run MSD also for a lot of years without any problems.
I plan on using a worn out, change-from-the-sofa used motorcraft single point with a Pertonix ignitor. If it fails, I could always smash my son's piggy bank for more change :D
GT Trooper,
So the ProForm distributor can only use caps from proform? Kinda thought I could use Ford or MSD cap/rotor when I needed a new one....:confused:
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