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I have a .030 over D1ve block, stock rods and crank with stock replacement pistons. It has a main girdle and arp rod bolts. The block was decked leaving the pistons .005 in the hole. The heads are mildly ported D0ve c with 2.10/1.76 valves. Cam is a lunati hyd roller .637/.637 292/300 with springs that are intended for it. weiand stealth intake and headman truck headers. HEI distrbutor and holley 750 dp.
most of these parts were used that ive had given to me or got in a trade.
will this be a decent combination or do i need to change some stuff on it?
its in a 72 f100 with a c6 and its just a street hod rod to spin wheels with, any help is appreciated
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