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What clutch setup behind bbf?

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I am working on gathering everything to put a manual in my 70 torino behind a 460 stroker.

I have a quicktime bellhousing (RM-8010) and a TKO 600
1 1/8x 26 input

On the flywheel I was going to go with a mcleod 463222 (motor is internal balance)

What clutch and clutch fork do you recommend? Will be a primarily street car with some strip aprox 550 rwhp

I was looking at a ram kit 98951HDT which is for a 03 cobra with a 26 input. Does anyone know if this would work since it is a 11in clutch with the right input shaft? I dont know if it has to be specific to your motor/balance?

What are the diiffrences in clutchs if the diameter and spline count are the same?
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get a performance street 11 inch Long type from Ram or any other brand . Long type is what Ford used as oem . forgot the fork - get one thats stock for the car.
Good question, I'm gonna follow this thread. I'd personally go with a diaphram type pressure plate. Takes less pedal pressure and I think they're safer if they come apart (try to save your feet!).
all mcleod

I also bought 463222 28 lb. flywheel,long style street strip psi plate and it came with a 12" disc! mcleod has a hydraulic t.o. bearing kit to get pedal psi easy. im saving for that next.
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