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what could a 3400lb 750-800 hp fox body mustang et

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im just trying to get a realistic idea of what my soon to be project 83 gt would run the 1/4 in with good traction. the car will weigh about 3400lbs, have 750-800 pump gas hp by 6500rpm, and a street friendly 3.55-3.73 gear. also a built c6 tranny. im hoping for possibly 10.00s to 9.90s. this is going to be a mostly weekend cruiser.
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How did you get 3400 out of an 83GT. I don't think you are right. That is the weight of a 93 GT hatchback. I think an 83 is a few hundred pounds lighter, I read it someplace but can't remember now. I also know that a hatchback adds a couple hundred more. If I remeber right 750 pounds seperated an 85LX coupe and 93GT hatchback. If I am wrong somebody will correct me.

The 460 is not much heavier than the 5.0.

Even so you should meet your goals with a 9.92-10.13.
750lbs difference between an 85 and a 93? No way. The early Fox cars in factory trim and with similar options were 100-200lbs lighter than the later ones mainly due to less sound insulation, the 7.5 axle is a little lighter than the 8.8, and the fact that the carb is lighter than the factory fuel injection.

If you stop to think, really the only thing that changed dramatically on those cars during their run was...nothing. The exterior and interior kept getting updates, but nothing fundamental changed.

As far as how fast you should go, the freeware performance calculator I have says @ 3400lbs and 800hp you should go [email protected] But, I'm sure this is assuming perfect conditions and a perfect run. Realistically, I think your 10.00s are a pretty safe bet.
Note I said an 85LX coupe versus a 93 hatchback GT, the GT is a touch heavier than an LX as well. My weight on the 85 may have been a 2.3L, but I am think that it was something like 750lbs.

Yes things did change slightly. Look at the rear wheel wells for example. Minor changes did occur. They had more filled out dashes/consoles. Little things add up.

Again I could be wrong.
the 3400 lbs i was reffering to included my fat azz.
Also remember that most dream wheel calculators presume sea level. Add roughly half a second for each 1000' above sea level. Not exact, but good enough for a generic guesstimate.

Mine is calculated with 29.9 on the barometer, 880 feet, 85 degrees and 75% humidity.
I found it. A 79 Mustang coupe with a 2.3L was an incredible 2550 shipping weight.

An 85 coupe jumped up 50 2880 with the 2.3L

So an 83 is in that range stock.
How Fast #3400

At about 800' above sea level, sunny 80*-85* car w/driver weighted about #3475 ran 9.87 or so. It also had alky and toilet bowls and a estimated 725 hp.
Steve I'd say your 83 should easily run high nines at 3400 LBS. My 85 GT weighed 3280 race ready. It has the heater, PS, cage, stock tank, etc. I estimate my engine makes just under 700 N/A and about 825 with NOS. I have run low 10's 1/4 N/A and [email protected] with the Bottle on an easy License pass launching just off idle. My complete engine setup is for sale if you wanted. Just bolt in and go.
i would love to buy your motor brenden but... im pretty set on my 545 below 6200 rpm pump gas combo.
thats a stout 460 you have there.
Sounds good Steve good luck with your combo and car, keep us posted on the results.
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