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What do you think of this combo

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.030 460 with SRP lightweight flat tops .005 out of the bore,Truck rods with arp bolts. Comp mechanical flat tappet 310 B-8 drag race cam(310/[email protected] .656 .641)Ported D20E-AB heads with 2.30in 1.76ex valves milled to 85cc. Crane gold Race Rocker arms. Weiand Hi-Ram Tunnel Ram with 2 Holley 600 carbs. Does this sound like a good combination or would you change something. This is going into an 85 mustang coupe with M/T 28x10.5 tires 4.10 gears Auburn Pro Locker and 31 spline C-Clip elim. Axles. Comp.prepped C-4 with trans-brake with a TCI 3500 Super Street Fighter Converter. Car should weigh @ 3000lbs with driver. Any guesses on 1/4 mile times. By the way kick azz site. Lots of info. from people who truly sound like they know whats going on. :twisted:
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I had a similar set-up that we ran in a 688 AMX about 15 years ago. The only differences were 660's on t/ram, 266/276 @ 050 cam, and home-ported DOVE's. Stock truck rods, flattops, C-4 trans w 4800 stall.

It ran 10:60's @ 128, but I had too much gear (4:56) and would trap out around 6900RPM.

So, IMO you should be able to run mid 10's easy with that set-up.
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