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What headers are these?

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Hi All!

I found these locally on Craigslist, unused but a bit weathered. Definitely 429 headers, but different from my 6115 Hookers.

Anyone recognize the application and/or manufacturer?

2 inch primaries, 3-3/8 collector.


San Diego


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kind of looks like they go around the motor mounts. maybe on a 4wd truck? idk.
I have a set that looks like those. They are for a 429 in a '70 Torino . Mine are, I'm not sure about yours......:D
They look like swap headers for early 60's Galaxie or late 50's Fairlane. I think
Crites builds them. I'm looking for a set where are they located ?
They are Tubular Automotive for a Fairlane /Mustang. 67/70 yrs. How do I know? I have a set:)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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