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What kind of cellphone?

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I'm thinking about getting a new phone even though I got another one since I broke my Casio GzOne in half with my hands. But the phone I got now isn't waterproof and I left it outside and it got soaked. It works still but the color and stuff is messed up.

I liked my Casio GzOne phone. It was tough and durable and waterproof.
What I didn't like about it was the Web. I was thinking about getting web on my phone due to when I get bored I can get online or something..

I was looking at the Casio GzOne Brigade but the web looks kinda weird on it but it's waterproof.

I don't know if there is any other phones that are excellent web capable that are waterproof,etc.

Truthfully. I don't know what to get. Any ideas?
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I believe that with the correct case, a lot of the Blackberry phones can be waterproof. But really, its going to be hard to find something that is good for the web and waterproof.
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