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What Lincoln Exhaust?

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I am wondering what mufflers I should use for a 1978 Lincoln 460 exhaust? I am having dual exhaust installed on my car and I need to determine what mufflers to use. The shop recommended Cherry Bomb Turbo mufflers, I just want to look around more at different brands etc... I want my mufflers to be fairly quite/mild, but I want them to have great flow and also good sound when I step on it. Any ideas?
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Dynomax Super Turbo's are about as good as it gets for being quiet and not too restrictive.
heres what was recommended to me for the same question
2-1/4" Magnaflow are relatively quiet if you have enough tailpipe after the muffler.
Does the pipe size make a difference sound wise? The shop says that they would start with 2.5 inch by engine and come out the back with 2.25 inch. Also, are there any advantages to using a dynomax super turbo over a cherry bomb turbo?
I talked to flowmaster about pipe size about 5 years ago and they said that their testing showed no flow difference between 2.5 and 2.25 at all only measurable difference was about 50 decibals. And going down one step after the mufflers will increase low end torque on a near stock application so sounds like a good plan. Straight through mufflers are gonna be best for power but some don't like the sound of glass-packs. A good comprimise would be an oval case straight through muffler such as the Magnaflow.

Edit They did say that these are the only pipe sizes that work this way all other showed an improvement in flow.
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