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TheLastStarfighter said:
I hear alot about rotella oil, why?

what oil do you use?
what application is it in??
I use synthetic oil EXCEPT during break-in.
I use a cheap non-detergent 30W for cam break-in, change it to same and seat the rings, then use Valvoline Racing until first oil change, then switch to Synth. I doubt that one brand of synthetic is a whole lot better than another.
Synthetic will not... 1) Leave carbon deposites behind when exposed to extreme heat. 2) Will not turn into molasis in cold weather, quicker to circulate during cold startup. 3) Has been proven on the dyno to have less friction.

Rotella is popular in cases where the oil is changed after every race day, like in an Alcohol fueled application where the oil is contaminated quickly. Just not cost effective to use a high-dollar oil.

My current vehicles...
98 Explorer 5.0 AWD. 130,000 miles (run hard and used to tow frequently). Mobile1 5W30 when new, and recenetly upped viscosity to 10W40. 6,000 mile oil-change interval. No observed oil consumption between changes.

85 Mustang 5.0 warmed over 9.5:1 306. Mobil1 10w40.
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