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what size carb to run?

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I have 87 mustang drag car with a 466 with iron dove heads ported by indy cyl. head, i have tried a couple of carbs modified from 850's, this is my first bbf car, it has a offenhauser portasonic, 290 duration, around 600 lift cam, my question is what size carb could i run? thanks
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a 950 should be about right, but you should list some more specs and you should get some more input on what to use.
the carb i am running is supposed to flow 1000 cfm from a 850 that has been worked on, the headers are 2 inch primaries, george klass custom headers, the car weighs around 3000 lbs., with a c4, 4.30 gear, 60 ft. has been 1.47-1.51, was wondering if a dominator would work, or be too much for it
for 466 cubes, 1000 cfm give or take is plenty in my book. unless your turning 8000+. a dominator could give you some top end but could hurt your low end. my uncles old 472 (7500 shift point) lost two tenths when he went from a true 950cfm to 1050 dom. no matter how he tuned it.
I'd lose that Port-O-Sonic.
thanks for the input, the 850 holley, which is supposed to be 1000+, ran very consistent tonight, what kind of intake would u recom. for a 100 yard drag strip, victor jr.?
I'd lose that Port-O-Sonic.
X2, Yup........
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