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What sort of distributor?

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I am looking for maximum streetable horsepower in my 545 build and the next item on the list is a dizzy. I have a Crane Hi-6TR (timing retard) ignition with an LX-92 coil, am I better off going with a remanufactured duraspark or an MSD billet such as the 8580, or something else again? I have seen in the Mad Porters ad that his durasparks have worked on engines up to 700 hp, I'm not sure how much I'll end up with, I suppose it depends on the wisdom of the cam grinder as to how much Hp they consider streetable when I get the custom flat tappet done. I'll be bolting on a set of "out of the box" P51's and there will be a 100-300hp zex nitrous kit hooked up as well. (not when on the street of course!) Any input appreciated.
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I would personally use the MSD.
Which MSD then?

There are a few MSD's to choose from, which would you guys go with?
I usually elect to utilise a vac advance dizzy for the street.
The duraspark has the same pick up as the MSD units do and supports good hp.
Rpm is where is draw the line. Over 6K or a bit more and i recommend the msd though i have used the duraspark units above 6k with no problems.

I feel that the msd units with the bearing rather than bushing would be more timing stable at the higher Rpm ranges...

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