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1985 Foxbody LX Mustang GT Hatchback w/ T-Tops

466 (.30 over)

Stock block

Forged pistons

Ported D0VE C heads

Victor 460 high rise intake

(Can't remember name of cam. Runs best 2800-6400 rpm)

850cfm carb

(Haven't dropped motor in car yet but shooting for 500-600 hp and higher in LB torque)

12 gallon fuel cell

C6 auto tranny 3 speed

8.8 rear end

Stock gears

D&D fox body swap headers

Tubular K-member

Famming river stearing shaft

All around adjustable coil overs

Stripped interior

(Can't remember tire size but I did HAVE too mini tub the wells)

8 point cage

Wedlds draglites

Carbon fiber 5 inch tall hood

I'm 15 and I weigh 120

(Built this car by myself and parents didn't pay for anything so don't start with the "spoiled *** kid" bull ****.

Thanks in advance!

-Hunter Richardson

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You didn't mention if tranny had manual valve body or transbrake (good for 2 tenths) (tires - slicks?). I guess you probably run low to mid 7'S in 8th. Good news is you have good foundation to build on. Keep us informed.
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