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Whats the ideal stants for traction {foxbody}?

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I beleive the front should be a little higher then normal with a high power Bigblock and maybe the rear pretty low for weight transfer and the 28 tall slick will make car just little down hill stants. Any experiance with this would be great, If I have to cut coils hopefully i can do it as little as possible lol. Need more info on suspension just ask be glad to offer thanks.., ED
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what do you have now? minitub? coil over fronts? adj shocks and struts? anti roll bar?

scale the car at full weight, and plot the rear suspension
Okay i will weigh the front and rear, good starting point, i am used to light front ends,lol. Its a stock style susp. 28x10.5 southside lowers, adj uppers-70/30 struts and eibach front drag spring ,but i am going to moroso or 4cyl spring up front cant get any weight transfer with eibach springs. ED
if the engin in your sig is the one in the car than you have too much hp for southside lowers. but I would use a 150 lb 14 in coil over strut conversion on the frontget the back as low as you can without tire clearance problems and start with the rockers level.

I was just going to try it once like it was before because went 1.32 60ft and low 6s with 351w and 100 shot. I figured i might have to raise the bolt hole in back to get more front end lift. I would try in middle then back to stock location. I have really stiff spring in rear which takes away alot of the separating of rear suspension, do to slick tracks. Made the car a whole lot more consistant. NO bouncing in rear from tires trying to hook lift , spin drop . In enough time i will buy better if needed. I just want to do some fun passes, dont plan on doing any real racing, except against clock ..., ED
The car don't care wether its nose down, nose up...........its all in how much front travel you have, and how your rear geometry is set up........and, southsides will work into the mid 1.2 60 ft, but, you will have to change out the bushings frequently from the abuse.
I have seen them go fast years ago with them , but not sure about the nose heavy BBF cars. I am getting my springs lined out, had to loose the eibach drag springs up front, they are rated at 300/465 up front. I needed 175 lbs . I am trying to get a start with springs so next i can set pinion angle and take it to track soon. Thanks for the help guys. I am going for just a little down hill stants.
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