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Where is the front oil port located

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I have a huge oil leak on the front side of the motor around the oil filter. I was prelubing the motor and no pressure to gauge in rear and oil pouring out of front. I had a vertabrae fused in my neck a week ago so I had a friend underneath to see where it is coming from and he thanks it is the timing cover gasket in the lower front because it has the gasket sticking out with like an extra hole in it. I looked through my pictures of putting the motor together and it just looks like an extra hole in the timing chain gasket in the lower corner by the fuel pump ( no idea what it's for). So if anyone has a picture or can tell me where it is located and maybe what size plug it takes it sure would help. I am thinking there is a plug left out. I only want to crawl under there once because I have limited mobility because of the surgery being one week ago. I am not supposed to lift anything heavier than a coffee cup and wear a neck brace and I would like to know where it is exactly before crawling under there. Thanks Joe
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Well the plug you seem to be missing is right next to the Fuel pump on the block. it's takes a 3/8 " Pipe plug or your sending unit cold be in this port and you have a loose fit on it.
You should be able to reach it from the top side also.

Thanks, it is at a friend's garage and I can't see it fom top with the power steering and the a.c. hooked up from the top.
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