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which cam for 466 in mud truck

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I am going to roller cam setup in motor I run in mud truck. F150 with flatbed and half ton axles. Motor has lunatti flat top pistons, bill miller rods and hand ported c8ve heads. I know heads are weak on flow but have class rules. I dont want to over cam it but have a bunch of chevy guys with s-10 talking smack. I have to run steel heads and run full size body, no vacum limits,yet! thanks
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I just took my 466 to the dyno last weekend with a 11.7:1 combo with Dave Freelander ported D0VE heads and a Lem Evans spec'd solid roller cam. I made 620hp @ 6300 and 529 lb/ft @ 5200 on a very stingy SF902 dyno. Should be good for your needs as well. Check here for my whole combo:

What kind of stall do you run?
stall is a 5000. I'm foot breaking and will launch the new motor around 3500-4000
I have 4000 I was going to use but may have to change. I have 4.88 gears with 35 boggers.
You are not far off from where my setup is. I went with the bigger stall to keep from pulling my motor down between shifts. My dyno sheets show a really flar curve that peaks torqe at 5200 dropping slightly then re-peaking again at 6000 then finally dropping off. I run both a 35 set and a 38.5 set of boggers in different tire size classes. I will also spray this motor with a 250 shot of NOS when I run my cut tires.
ok, thanks for info and good luck at next race. sandy
What kind of stall do you run?
Personally ... I think a different "custom" camshaft will net you more power for what you have.
That's why is took the time and had a custom shaft ground to work with my whole combo
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