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The '92-'97 460 starter is smaller in size, even with the starter mounted solenoid(lots of room for headers). I tried an aftermarket version from DB Electrical and it worked great....for a while. I just sent it back for replacement(very good customer service, no hassles) and in the mean time I found and installed a used starter out of a '97 F350. Here is a pic showing the size difference between a fender mounted solenoid starter and the DB Electrical PGMR late model starter(same size as late model factory 460 starter).

Ramair351, I have my PGMR starter installed in my '79 Ranchero w/466 -C6(same chassis, rear axle forward) as your '74 Torino. Even with my Hooker 6126 headers, there is plenty of room around the starter.

I had reservations of installing another starter mounted solenoid, I absolutely hated the GM style 460 starter of the early to mid 70's. Back in the 80's I was under my father's truck too many times with a hammer trying to get that MF'er to engage when it was hot. This newer PGMR design starter is a whole different animal. Good luck, Todd
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