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Who Knows there Stuff!? Name this part

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I picked up some blower parts a few years ago. This distributor was in it. Not going to sell it just want to know more about it because I might just run it. It came off of a blown alcohol motor. I would like to know if parts are available for it still. It looks like it was nicely built.

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Mallory w/mech. tach drive. Does it have a part # anywhere?
I have a Crab cap like that on my Duraspark shorty Dizzy
This is the only tag on it. I have a Mallory with a tach drive for an fe and it looks nothing like this one. It doesn't come apart and the weights are on the top not on the bottom. If it is a Mallory would you know the model or year it is from? I googled up Mallory tach drive and I could only find 1 piece designs.

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3700 series. Got one for sale in the auction block. Cap and points are at Summit and Jegs,
Yep that looks like it is it! That was fast. Thanks guys!

Easiest way to tell mallory from Accel is Accel is die cast, just like the picture shows, and the ribs in the cap, and the advance weights, lots of things. Definately Accel, and definately a marine with the spark vent on the side.The part # on the casting isn't anything close to mallory either, and mallory uses a tag.
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