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wides or skinnys?

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What width tire are you boggers running in a light weight truck? For the last few years I've been running a mixed set of 35 boggers with 10.50's up front and 14.5's out back and running 38.5x11's in the big tire classes. They worked well with my heavy truck as the skinny tires would cut a path and dig to the bottom to pull me through. Now I have the new motor for the 3k lb ranger done, I'm wondering if I need to swap out for all wide boggers so I can float the thing across the pits. Anyone done this on a light weight rig for comparisons?
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I haven't had my truck in a bog pit this year yet, but with the skinny tires on the truck now I can spin them faster, and it seems like they can get on top the same or better then the wide tires I had on last year. But we'll find out for sure in a few weeks when I get into a few of the bog competitions I guess.

I don't practice this so I shouldn't preach it. But i am a firm believer in floating or digging. Track conditions also play into what tires you are going to put on. But in anything really deep I am in favor of floating, And the #1 problem I see with 99% of guys set ups is that they will put wides on the back to float and put skinny's on the front to try and steer or dig.(I'm not sure which) I KNOW WHAT YOUR SAYING.... WE HAVE ALL SEEN MANY, MANY FAST TRUCKS RUN THIS SET UP. PERSONALLY I ATTRIBUTE IT TO A DRAG RACE SET UP WHERE THE FRONT ISN'T DOING THAT MUCH, SO YOU WANT TO LOOSE ROTATING WEIGHT. AND THE REAR YOU WANT TO KEEP BITING LARGE FOR THE DIRT/THIN MUD HOOK.

But if in deep or medium mud why do you want to float the back? why wouldn't you want to keep your front end up and out which would cause your pumpkin not to drag?

Float and Float..... or Dig and Dig?

I'm in favor of the latter...in 70+ % of the tracks we see digging with skinny something's is winning. The only Problem I see is if the diggers don't get severely bogged down by deep stuff, it is hard for you with wides to get their hole shot and track speed in the first part of the track, after that it may be too late!!

Kjett you've raced as much as I have, I just put this up for the younger ones that may be reading this posting.

Let us know how what you decide!!

See ya,

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I'm glad I just read this. I've got 38.5's by 13's on now that look real cool! but I think I'm going to put my 32 x 9's on to run in the boggs! Or just bring them and switch out?
I'll let you know after this weekend. It'll be the 1st time out with the new motor. :)
The type of track has everything to do with it, but with a fast truck I really think you have the best chance with skinny's on the front and wide on the back. I had 37x13 boggers on 15x7 rims all the way around and raced a guy with R buckshots all the way around a few weeks ago. I barely beat the guy...I ran a 5.1 while he ran a 5.3 in 300 foot. (the track was about 8-10 inches of loose mud). I have a little more motor, but long story short, every body said that my truck was shooting a ton of mud out in front of the tires while he just knifed through. The entire front of my truck was covered with mud while his was barely dirty.

This is my theory... a wider tire has to move more earth period.

If you have wide tires on the front and don't have enough motor to spin them fast enough for the boggers to get on top and start acting like paddles, then you should stick to narrower tires. They will be faster in my opinion.

I recently changed up my rim set up to the same 15x7 on the front, but I went to a 15x12 on the back with the 37x13 boggers. I don't have any times to back up the change, but it feels like it hooks much better off the line and seems to go through deeper mud better as well...might be that I just spent 400 bucks for the change though! haha

Hope this helps,
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Thanks for the replies. If you notice my avatar pic, I was carrying the front tires on the old motor. The new motor is way more hp. Not to mention my old truck weighed 6000 lbs and this one weighs around 3000 lbs. Weight has a bunch to do with skinnys cutting to the bottom. My truck now has none of that weight, so when I try to cut dow, it gets high centered some, an no amount of hp will fix that. Keep in mind that even on the 38's, the top of my cab is a little more than 6.5' tall. So it's really low to the ground.
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