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Will this combo work well???

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Deal gone...
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4500 for the whole car?

3200 pounds?? :eek:
It probably is old school in that it has ~11.5:1 compression and DOVE heads with cobra-jet size valves. This was a real simple way to get some ponies by 80's standards and alot people built them that way. They run don't get me wrong. My first 460 build was based off a simlar engine combo just lowered the compression to run on pump gas and used a more modern cam than the build I based it off of. The engine mine was based off was in a 73 Gran Torino with a 4speed and ran consistant 10.50's.
The complete car may be worth that much(According to condition) but not just the engine.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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