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Well guys I didn't want to do this but I have NO choice. Up for sale is a set of Jon Kasse's P-51's complete!! They only have 6 1/8 mile passes and 14 dyno pulls on them and that's it!!

PSI DR 1224 Springs
KAASE exhaust valves
KAASE intake valves
retainers :Titanium
valve locks: super 7
Set up for a roller cam with up to .800 lift

the heads are only gasket matched to the intake (without the fogger) and that was professionally done by the guys that built the engine...Champion Performance.

I also have the Jomar Stud Girdle for P-51 heads with adjustment nuts $190.00

Edelbrock Victor Jr 460 Intake ported and powder coated silver/aluminum $250.00

Edelbrock Victor Jr 460 Intake ported, power coated dark gray with a Steve Johnson fogger on it (Bruno's old intake) $600.00...(SOLD)

Ford Motorsport polished Valve covers $120.00 (2 sets)

Prosystems Pro Series 1200R Dominator $500.00

you pay for shipping from 48111

call or text 248 497 2156
Thanks, D
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