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So last week I won again with my little 460 Mustang foot brake car even with issues.

Along the way I goy a 3rd round bye thanks to a .005 reaction time and then backed it up in the 3th round .000 light and took out a hard braking (locked up brakes) stocker guy in the semi's and then won the final easly due to the other guy spinning.
the last to runs I ran a 12.24 on a 12.22 dial with just a few burps of the throttle ;)

Now I blew up my other car the week before so I had to work on this one 14 hours the day before again since it's hurt, all race day the car had a lean spot off the line but it did help me from spinning...
Every run it was like having a stop in the car it would hit the tree then fall on it's face for .04 every run compared to how it would run most of the time.

anyone have any stock type 460 parts they want to part with.
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