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wreck in kansas

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Anybody know what happened at mud race where the young girl died after she got hit by mud truck that came out of pit?
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Emporia, KAN. (WIBW)--A truck event took a tragic turn Saturday night at the Lyon County Fair. Emporia police said 17-year-old Hannah Deaver was killed after a truck participating in a Mud-A-Thon event struck her.

Marvin Jenkins of Wichita had a full run through the mud pit before his vehicle veered to the right, bounced and cartwheeled over a low pipe railing at the far north end of the area.

Deaver was sitting in the bed of a Ford Ranger watching the event. The incident happened at 6:44 on the Lyon County Fairgrounds in Emporia. Emergency responders transported Deaver to Newman Regional Health. She was later airlifted to Wesley Medical Center in Wichita. Police said she later died of her injuries from the accident.

The accident also left 17-year-old Alexandria Allen, of Emporia, with non-life threatening injuries. Se was transported and treated at Newman Regional Health.

The Emporia Police Department and Lyon County Sheriff's Department continue their investigation.



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That sucks not only for the family of the girl but for the driver of the truck! I couldn't imagine having to deal with knowing that a truck I was driving lost control and killed someone.
Some people from our racing group were there! They said the pit shut down was far from safe. The open class guys were campaining to get the spectators moved before the race. They moved them a little, but not far enough. Guess the truck came outta the pit sideways and started to roll and right over her truck. Devastating! My heart goes out to the families effected by this. The girls parents and the driver of the truck. This will be with him forever. In this sport, rollovers and crashes happen, but its up to the race promoters and officials to keep it safe for all. I think the spectators need to be responsible too! Always be watching the rails and fast trucks. Never turn your back to them if you are remotely in its path! Just my opinion. Godspeed Hannah Deaver.

This is my worst fear in this sport, that someone riding with me, or watching from the sidelines, would get hurt from my truck during a run. I couldn't imagine what the driver is going through right now, not to mention the girls family. I know I have sat at the start line waiting for what seemed like forever while the event staff were pushing the crowd back away from the pits before my run. I have seen many close calls, but haven't seen any real wrecks that involved the spectators or their vehicles. I hope I never do. Thoughts and prayers to everyone involved in this incident.
this is very sad! I agree 100% with Vamp.....this is a great sport but yet it is dangerous!......i dont know what i would do if i were the driver.....heart goes out to both families........Jordan
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