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Since I may have found a set of h-beams that I can afford, I now need a set of pistons to match that I can afford:D

My block is already bored and ready to go, so the slugs need to be 0.060" over, they need to be full-floaters, and I would prefer flat-tops or something with a very small dome because I already had my block decked for my stock rod/SpeedPro hyper setup, and it had on average about 0.025" taken off the deck. I'm trying to get my compression around 12:1 or so...

New or nicely used(I prefer the term "broken in") I don't care, I'm also going to be running DOVE's for the combo, so stock-type valve angles will work too.

Let me know what you have please, so I can send you some money:cool:

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