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ford performance solutions has them www.f-p-s.com and i believe they sell them around $695.00. adperformance sells them too for $850 www.adperformance.com. or you can wait like i'm doing for the scat forged cranks to come out. i talked to a represenative a scat, and they told me they already developed them but not exact as to when they're going to release them. he said hopefully in the spring of 2006' they they should be under $900.00. all that i mentioned, including the scat stuff is made in china and there has been reports that each of those companies buy their cranks from the same place and stamp their name on them. but i do know that scat take the time to make them a little more nicer though. the cheaper cranks don't have the .125 radius from what i hear like the scat. i don't know about cross drilled and chamfered oil holes of the cheaper cranks, but again scat took time to that that as well.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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