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hey guys i have a laundry list of stuff i need and i was just seeing if any of you guys have this stuff

foxbody swap mounts
foxbody oil pan
swap headers
shaft mount rockers for a429 heads
arp head studs
arp main studs for scj 4-bolt block
ati super damper

i have a set of jomar girdles, and a FMS balancer to trade for any of these iteams
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I have D&D headers and D&D motor mounts.
give me a call,

Hey I've got a few items, got a stef aluminum pan titian pump duel pickup and oil pump drive. I got arp head studs just have to see if I got a complete set. got set roller lifters. got big trickflow intake been cnc by svre nos fogger with purge system. 1050 dominator if you interested you let me know Thanks. in Alabama
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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