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WTB Dipstick rear sump that threads in pan

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I need your dipstick and tube asap for fox conversion pan. It has threads in my pan. If anyone could tell me which dipstick tube I need to order would help if I cant buy yours. Thanks Jason in On.
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Since those things are expensive as hell, I always made my own. I take a dipstick out of a timing cover on any ford, go buy 3' of steel line 3/8" in size, and cut the flare off the top side so the dipstick will slide over the top part, bend the steel line and thread it into the oil pan, then fill the oil pan with the proper amount of oil. Turn the oil pump until the filter is full of oil, and start cutting the steel line off until you get the full mark of the distick to show that it is full of oil.

Just a cheaper solution.
a dipstick from a 460 truck engine should work.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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