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I have one here. If you don't mind using a Spacer Plate(maybe .150" to .250"+ -). It was shaved on a Block Decking machine(NOT BT machining), after it was ported to the Gen 2 Cylinder heads(Ports and Plenum). You can have it, a new Valley Plate and continental U.S. shipping to your door for $800.00. That's not a mistype. $800.00. That's a little more than just the Intake and shipping would be, and, it includes a set of BT custom Gen 2 Intake gaskets for the Intake.

BT is AWARE of the company that did the work, and has seen it over lunch, just so no one gets paranoid about me selling this for WAY less.

Normal price would be $825.00 on the parts, and $1200.00 for the labor if I did this, so this represents a real bargain. Think about it and let me know. All parts are NEW, never used.

Price: $800.00
Location: Southern California

Tnx, Dennis
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