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wtd E7 pan pickup and dipstick and more

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I have an E7 double sump pan ,looking for a pickup and a dipstick tube and stick for it .also may be looking for a set of headers for a mild 429 in a fox body and mts . I am in fort mill south carolina 29707 zip
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I have installed plenty of those truck pans. I believe the rear sump pickup tubes were the same from 1983-1997. :) Most I have seen have an E3 part number.

There were 4 different versions of the pan thru the years.
These I have seen with my own eyes:

E3..screw in dipstick tube
E7...screw in tube
E8...push in with o-ring tube
F2...push in with o-ring tube and retaining pin.

yes I need the screw on dipstick tube and a dipstick and a oil pump pickup tube for the E7 ,

anybody got a pick-up or dipstick or a whole set up they want to sell .looking for a used set of headers and mts too .thanks Nick
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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