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Description of 351 Windsor Racing Shortblock

It's Balanced and blueprinted with a FluidDamper.

The block has main studs, with CL77 rod and main bearings, and has been bored .030 over.

The crank has had the journals micro-polished, and the oil holes chamferred.

The rods have been shot-peened, magnafluxed, with ARP rod bolts.

The pistons are TRW forged, dished pistons that are .030 over, with chrome-moly rings.

The cam is a 3/4 race cam made by Crane.

In short, the motor has been run before; it made 500 horsepower in a 1984 Mustang drag car. I got in on a trade some years ago. It was pulled out of the car after it was run about 20 times. (The owner had to sell or part out the car following a nasty divorce.)

All you need is a good set of heads, cam and lifter set, intake manifold, carburetor, and headers. It has all the right parts, and can be tailored for either a hot street or racing motor depending on what kind of heads, cam, intake maniford, carburetor and headers you choose.

I have $1500 in it, but I'll accept $1350 cash. I'll also consider interesting trades: partial trades will be considered also.

I'm in the market for an AR-15, any AK variant, an AR-15 complete rifle kit, any AK parts kits, 5.56 Nato ammo, 7.62 Nato ammo, 7.62x39 ammo, 5.45x39 ammo, AK clips, AK-74 clips, or Ar-15 clips.

I'm in Rotan, Texas; which is 65 miles northwest of Abilene.

I can be reached at either my cell 325-236-2979, or at my home 325-735-3129 after 4 P.M. Just ask for Barry.
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