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Just throwing this out there... I have a 1968 Mustang Coupe.. no rust California Car. It is a project .. with some bondo ect but is complete minus carpet paint ect. She is ugly right now as someone was doing body work so its got that beautiful multi color thing going on. Does not run but has 302 and C4 with 8". I got it started once and it moves so im guessing the trans is "ok". I never really tried to get the engine running as I planned on rebuilding with a newer roller motor. I pulled out the seats to get the ripped carpet up and clean it as it was sitting in a field for a while with cats making it home. The floors are nice.. no rust at all. I have a clean title. Car is located in Southern Ca

Now for what im looking for. Basically I have to many projects and I want to get my 71 stang 460 project closer to running. I would be willing to trade for anything to help with that. examples- Engine or engine parts/trans/9"/ rims (15x10 and something skinnie for the front) chassis work... or even cash if all else fails. Let me know what you have.

Thanks Tyler

PS I can take a lot of pictures of whatever you would like... just might take a couple days.
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